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Our Future Superheroes

Saturday was graduation day for my son Belvy.  We had a  party for Belvy and a few of his friends that were graduating, to celebrate the big day.  We adopted Belvy, who is from Haiti, when he was 13 years old but he wasn’t able to come to the U.S. until he was 16 1/2. …lots of bureaucracy…  But we were so excited when he finally was able to come home to us.

Belvy and his dad on graduation day.

Belvy didn’t speak much English when he first got here.  I homeschooled him for a couple of years working on his English and filling in gaps in his education.  He then enrolled in Peaster High School where my older 2 children graduated.  Four years later, he is a high school graduate.  We are so proud of Belvy!  All the hard  work he has put in to his education.  He is our super hero.

Belvy’s favorite bible verse

The  party was so much fun.  We went with a Super Hero theme.  I think Belvy loved it.  He is so into action movies… Marvel and DC…


Kids swam for hours, ate hamburgers, hot dogs and nachos, and  played video games in the Game Truck.

Then as the sun went down, we watched a movie outdoors on a giant screen.  …The Adventures of course! My favorite part.  Sitting and relaxing with popcorn and a good movie.





23 and Who?

My daughter recently told me that she had done the 23 and me test for ancestry and health. Not really a surprise since she is severely lactose intolerant. But was a relief to learn there was nothing that showed up in the health area. Being the daughter of a woman with Chiari kind of makes you wonder if that is going to happen to you. Let alone if there is anything else she had to worry about. But all was good for her.

I decided that I would do the same. I had already done the ancestry test with Ancestry for my sister a couple years ago. She has a friend doing research on the family history. So, spitting in the vial and sending it off left me with no anxiety once again.

When the results returned I was happy to see all was good health wise for what they checked. And my DNA history was almost exactly like Yep, no surprises and no worries. I was born with Chiari but was not diagnosed until I was 30. That was not the 30th birthday I had hoped for and let’s just say I don’t like surprises.

I have been going back and forth on doing my own ancestry research. I am the 4th out of 5 children. My sister Marie is the glorious middle child at 3th. We have a brother (Chip) who is the oldest and an older sister (Libby) as well as a younger sister (Robin). Only the two oldest are full siblings to each other. For me, this would be a way of hopefully filling in the gaps of my history. I don’t know my father. I know his name. I know the story of my parents. I know I am supposedly a great deal like him, my mother states. Is that it? I have so many questions. Unfortunately, getting any more details seems to not be in the cards for me unless I go elsewhere for answers.

23 and me immediately opened me up to over some 1000 possible family members. I was shocked! I knew by some of the information that they were on the maternal side of my family. But still, a 1000 people with DNA like mine. I was nervous looking through what was there and how and when we had connections. They still can’t answer the questions I have but at least it is a start.

I am anxious to say the least to start this journey. I have no idea where it will lead or if it will even go anywhere. I am now 48 years old. I have my own family. I have a wonderful husband and life. But there is still this little girl in me wanting to know about her father. I have talked it over many times with my daughter. Do I really want to do this, I ask her? Will it help, will it hurt, or will it lead nowhere, I just don’t know.

I sit here with a few tears in my eyes. I am glad I did the 23 and Me with my daughter. She is so much braver than I am. Now, am I ready to take the leap to




She is Here!!!

My brain is fried and I am so tired but all is good.   Misha is in Texas.   Yesterday was a packed day.  At church they had tables to celebrate the graduates of 2018.

Then dropped off lil’ Biv at a birthday party.  Then it was time for Belvy’s Baccalaureate service, which was beautiful.   Three of Belvy’s classmates sang a couple of songs.  They were amazing.  I love the song, “I am no longer a slave to fear”.

Belvy at Baccalaureate
Belvy with his Sister Ashley and soon to be brother-n-law Joshua.

Then home.  Guess who finally arrived, Misha and Jimmy! Oh the fun we are going to have this week getting ready for Belvy’s graduation.  Last night we made Mexican food.  TexMex that is.  Enchiladas, beef fajitas, guacamole, so so good.  I meant to take pics but with all that was going on, I forgot.  We ate and visited.  I love when we get to visit.

Today Jimmy is off on the ranch and doing ranch hand work, building fence and checking on cattle.  We thought we would be cutting hay this week but Jeff wants to wait one more week before cuttin’.  Misha is going to help me hang back up all my pictures and decorations on the wall.  They are still bare after the remodel.  By the way she loved my kitchen and living room.  And all we did in living room was paint the walls and restain a cabinet.  What a difference a fresh coat of paint will do.

So remember if you are on a tight budget but want  a new look, a nice fresh coat of paint and move the furniture a bit.  It makes a huge difference.

Y’all have a blessed day and I am ready to decorate.

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Chocolate It Is…

I believe chocolate is the answer to just about anything that ails you, except too much chocolate. It is the perfect gift for those who love it. It is great in coffee. It is a nice treat every now and then. I like cooking with it, eating it and drinking it. It comes in so many wonderful ways. So many fillings and it covers tasty things. Chocolate is well…chocolate!

I send chocolates when someone dies. I send chocolate for new moms. I send chocolate for birthdays and anniversaries. I make special chocolate desserts. I love Godiva chocolate coffee. I love sticking it in the freezer and it tastes so good on Blue Bell ice cream.

Am I supposed to eat it? No, sadly no. But I do treat myself every now and then. So, what to my wondering eyes should appear, UPS with Godiva, it’s here! My daughter treated me this Mother’s Day with Godiva. Oh, how exciting! I haven’t had any in so long, I can’t contain myself. The last time she got me Godiva it was the coffees. Oh, I hold on to that like it is gold!


I would send my grandmother Godiva for her birthday. She loved it. She would only share maybe a piece or two with others, hiding it in her room. It was just so personal for her, like it is for me. That special piece of beauty all for you. Yum!

It is the ultimate comfort food for me. It is that one special thing that seems to sooth the soul. Just one piece is all I need to feel that sensation. I guess that is why I send it when someone close to me loses a loved one. Because unlike a plant, it is personal. It is meant to be taken in and shared. You remember it and the person who sent it.

As I sit here staring at these incredible dark chocolate bites of heaven, I smile. Because as always, my daughter knows exactly what to get her mother. Lacey, thank you!

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Something Borrowed

I love crafts.  Any type of crafts.  Sewing is one I wish I did better and had more time to do.  As I mentioned in my last post, Miss O taught me to sew.  I inherited quite a bit of Miss O’s hand work pieces.  I also had a few pieces of beautiful handwork from my husband’s grandmothers.  They were just packed in a drawer sitting there.  I would take them out and sometimes use them in the house but really I didn’t get to enjoy the beautiful pieces.

So my beautiful Tennessse was getting married last March and wanted something to walk through going down the aisle.  I told her I could make curtains that she could hang to walk through.  I had pinned these beautiful curtains and I wanted to make them.

So first I laid out all the linens I had collected over the years.   I needed a few pieces to pull the 2 panels together.  So shopping I went.  I collected some ole hankies and some newer ones to make it coheisive.  The hardest part was cutting up the linens that the woman had worked so hard on.  I cut longer pieces in half and put one on each panel of the curtain.

The only thing I added after laying out the delicate linens was some fringe.  Oh how I love ribbon and gorgeous dangling ribbon is at the top of my list of must haves.  So I scrounged through my ribbon collection and here ya go.

Curtains hung
Finished patch work curtains hung. I love the fringe and lace tabs.


Now I use these curtains in my bedroom.


I love when I can repurpose items and make something!




Empty Nest Mama

My sister wrote such a sweet post about Mother’s Day. Did you have a house full of family to celebrate or were you like me with an empty nest? I love my empty nest! Don’t get me wrong, we love our kids and enjoy having them here when they can be. But we also love our time just the two of us, even on holidays.

My darling husband took me to Epcot for Mother’s Day. We got to spend some time just walking around and looking at all the floral displays before eating. A nice lunch at San Angel Inn Mexican Restaurant with a margarita was so relaxing. Then a quick spin in my favorite gift shop and we made it home before the rain. You will find I go to Disney a lot since we are season pass holders. And when my daughter visits we try to go at least once to one of the parks. It is so much fun when your kids are adults!

Lacey 2017 Graduation

Our kids all live out of town. It makes us proud that they are on their way to making their dreams come true. My daughter Lacey lives in Texas and is a mechanical engineer. She graduated from college a year ago and has a wonderful job. Her life is filled with great friends and family nearby on her father’s side of the family. She and her father spend her holidays with his mother who turned ninety not too long ago. I am so proud of her devotion to her grandmother. I couldn’t be prouder of her.

Jamie our New Yorker

I have had the privilege of having the title of step-mother now for four years to two great people. My step-daughter Jamie is the oldest. She is a dancer in New York following her dreams. She teaches, does choreography and judges in the industry. She is a tough little cookie that one.

Jimmy&Nick (2)
Nick and Jimmy a few Father’s Day ago.

My step-son Nick has one more year of college down in Boca. Then he will be another engineer added to our family. Following in his father’s footsteps he will be a civil engineer. We get to see Nick the most when it comes to the kids. He earned his captains license and loves to fish. So, when he isn’t out doing charters on someone else’s boat, he is borrowing his dad’s. Having their mother also live in the same town makes it easier for him to spend time with both his parents when he comes up.

I am also a fur mama. I spend my days with my chi-weenie Sam. He is my little love and protector. We lost our big boy Toby last summer to complications of diabetes. He was my shadow after losing his eyesight and Sam was his eyes. I can say he was one of my greatest loves and loss.

I am excited about watching our kids work towards their future success. And when they finally find their partners and settle down to start their families, we will be here for them. But let’s not start that last part anytime soon kids!!!

Our New Family March 2014



Momma Tried

There are so many woman who have influenced my life.

My momma, Ann Wilson,  I believe is where Misha and I get our love of Arts and Crafts.  My mom would make Christmas decorations, (because we didn’t have much money) and I loved them.  Maybe that’s why I love homemade ornaments on my tree.  She has made me jewelry and so has my sister.  What I like the most that she does is paint.  I love her drawings and water colors the most.


Thank you Momma for giving me the love of arts and crafts.  Well I just craft, Misha is the Artist.

Then there are my aunts, Aunt Charolette, Aunt Carolyn, Aunt Janie Sue,  Aunt Elise, Aunt Arlise.  Each woman had special gifts of love they shared.  Aunt Arlise and I share the love of teaching.  I had so much fun at Aunt Elise house growing up.  We played and played there growing up.  My love of trampolines and why I always have trampoline for my kids comes from my Aunt Elise house.   I ate my first and only frog leg at her house.  I love and miss you Aunt Elise.  When I stayed stayed with Aunt Janie Sue, we would go to the beach, we camped up the California coas and stayed at the Red Wood Forest. – My favorite vacation of all time – She painted ceramics at one time and I loved to go and paint with her.  And then there is Aunt Carolyn and Aunt Charollete.  The Queens of Florida Strawberries.  A biscuit with Aunt Carolyn’s homemade strawberry jam or a piece of angel food cake with strawberries and cream from Aunt Charlotte.  What I wouldn’t give for that.  I guess that is why I love to make jelly and bake yummy desserts.  And we couldn’t leave out Aunt Betty.  My love for checkers comes from my wonderful Aunt Betty.  Thank you my Aunts for all you showed me growing up.

And then there is Aunt Retta.  She was my husband’s Aunt.  She was the sweetest woman I have ever known.  She kind and loving.  She love to play games like croquet and canasta.  We would go over just to play cards with her and Uncle Wayne, Miss Susie and Frank.  Oh how I miss those days.   She made the best enchiladas and a mean chocolate pie.  Here’s a pic of a pie I made recently using Aunt Retta’s recipe.

Aunt Retta how I miss you and love you so much.  Thank you for all you taught me in my young married life.

One women I could not write this blog about without mentioning is my Grandmother.  She was a woman of God.  We lived with my Grandma when I was little, early grade school.  We always had dessert after dinner and homemade biscuits for most mornings. The  best biscuits you ever put in your mouth.  However, it is my love for gardening that I got from my Grandma.  She had a green thumb and her yard was filled with magnificent plants and flowers.

Thank  you Grandma for teaching me how to be a Godly woman.  I strive for that but fall short so many times.  I am your namesake and I am so proud and glad to be Treva Marie.

And the final woman that has influenced me was my mother-n-law, Odessa Perkins.  I only got to spend 9 years with her but she poured so much love into me in that short bit of time.  She taught me how to sew, cook, and how to be a wife.

Curtains I made from Miss O’s old crochet and handwork. I added a few hankies for finish it off.

She was a business man/ranchers wife.  But that is not what defines her.  She loved and everyone, I mean everyone, loved her.  You could walk into her house and you never knew who would be sitting at her kitchen bar drinking a cup of coffee. It could be Dub Riddle, dropping something off for Bob, but stopped for coffee and chat with Miss O. – what I called her- Or Dr. Shelton,the pastor ,or Wanda Todd, her amazing friend just chatting and drinking coffee.  She was the Jack of all trades.  She fixed everything and anything that broke in her home.  She made most of the clothes she wore and I wore.  Could chicken fry like no other and when it was Jeff’s birthday, you knew a lemon cake would be coming out of that oven.  Thank you Miss O for loving me like a daughter.  I was so blessed to have you for a mother-n-law.

God has bee good to me by giving me all theses Christian women, who have influenced my life.  I hope I have come close to sharing the kindness to others that was given to me by all these wonderful, amazing women.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers reading this blog!



Let’s talk about one of my favorite road trips with my sister. Have you ever been to Texas Antique Week in the Round Top/Warrenton area? Oh my it is fabulous! This year we went to the Spring week.

I love this trip we make. We have this thing down now with planned stops on the way. This year we packed up the car, grabbed our friend Beth and headed toward Bastrop where we stay. One of our stops on the way is always to the city of West, Texas. Little Czech Bakery has amazing kolaches. After we gas up and get our sweet tooth satisfied we head down to Bastrop.

Did I mention there are drinks and food everywhere?? Nothing like a little wine slushy or margarita to keep you going. I must admit I am fond of the fresh pork rinds and the kettle corn. We haven’t had a chance to go to the Junk Gypsy Junk-o-Rama Prom, but it is on our bucket list. A couple years ago we brought my niece Ashley with us. She had a really good time. We went to the Junk Gypsy Store where she ran into a few of the celebrities. This trip my sister bought Ashley boots for the wedding and the box was signed by Jolie Sikes. She was so excited! I found a few pairs of boots I would love to have. After getting a few more things for the wedding, we headed outside for a Bloody Mary and pie while listening to the live music.

I will be honest, you can go all week and you will still not see everything there is to be seen. After few days of fun, we pack up to head back north. We stop in Waco for lunch at Trujillo’s for margaritas and some Mexican food before hitting the shops on La Salle Street.

Marie loves her Big Red…and in a margarita! Trujillo’s salsa is the best too.


If you have never been to Antique week, check it out. If you have, I would love to hear about it.




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When One Door Opens…

Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways.

I did not realize how much I love old or unusual doors.  I was looking up a pin about how to make an awning over an outside door, when I realized I had a copious amount of pins on doors.  So I organized and created a board just for my love of doors.  Doors

Then I started thinking about my house and how I had used old doors in my home.

1. Wall Hanging

One of my favorite doors in my home is a door that hangs on the wall.  The panels have been replaced with mirrors.  I use it in my entrance hallway hung above a table.  It is so fun to decorate for holidays.




2.  Barn door

I also have a new door that I had made that looks like an old barn door.  It is the door to my craft room.  I’ll have to do a post about my craft room soon.  It isn’t as cool as Misha’s but it works for me.



3.  Door with a transom

There is this place I love to go looking for old things, Old Home Supply in Ft Worth.  If you live in the DFW area you should check it out.  You can get doors, windows, clawfoot tubs, hardware, lightning,  Just about anything rescued from old homes.  I love this place!   Well I purchased an old door with a transom and after re-staining, I used it for my son’s bedroom door.

How do you think it looks?



4.  Recycled/Repurposed

But my all time favorite so far is a cabinet I had built.  (An old student of mine built it for me. He called it a telephone booth.)  It is my linen cabinet.  An old door was used for the front and the 2 sides.  Longleaf pine from an old home in East Texas was used for the shelves.  I think it came out beautiful and has so much character.  Thank you Shad Kingston, I so have enjoyed my linen cabinet.


5.  Repurposed Old Kitchen Door

I have two more doors that I will be adding to our home during the kitchen renovation.  One is another sliding barn door style, but I’m using an old kitchen door from a home built in the 1920’s.  How do I know it was an old kitchen door … Well, it came out of the house where Jeff and I first lived.  We did an add on to our first home and I had to remove the kitchen door.  Being the hoarder of old artifacts, I still have that kitchen door.   (Sorry Lyndsey for not leaving it for you) So 26 years later, I am using that beautiful kitchen door for my new pantry door.  I will share a pic of the sliding pantry door when the remodel is done.


6.  Dutch Door

The second door that I will be adding to our home is a new kitchen door.  Coach Patty, also know as Mike Patrick, is building a DUTCH DOOR for my kitchen. We taught math together for years, I AM SO EXCITED! Check out the inspiration dutch door.  I’ll definitely be sharing that picture with you.


Why I have such a love for doors? I have no idea.  But apparently I have 6 reasons in my home.  My hubby asked me why I loved doors when I told him I was writing about them.    Here is what I said, “Doors are where you welcome your guests into your home.”  I hope my home is always welcoming to those who enter.  I look at old doors and I think about the memories that were shared as people walked through the door.

One of my favorite pictures of my youngest is where she is sitting at the front door waiting for her aunt and uncle to arrive at the house for a visit.  She is just precious.


What is something you just love or appreciate the history behind it?    Please share, I would love to hear about it.



And we’re off…

Ok, it is really not that bad, but we are getting busy. As my sister explained on Friday, there is a lot going on at the ranch. My lovely niece Ashley is getting married and my nephew Belvy graduates from high school. Could not be a prouder Mimi (name Ashley gave me as a toddler). I can’t wait to see all the changes at the ranch!

I have a few projects I am currently working on for both the graduation and the wedding. As you can see, a corner of my office is starting to pile up. What you can’t see everything buried underneath those feathers and doilies are brooches, turquoise, beads, and all kinds of other goodies. So let me break down for you what you will be seeing in the near future as I tackle these projects.

Feathers, Doilies and more…oh my!

First the graduation, we went with a super hero theme. It is going to be a pool party ‘after party’ on the ranch. If you check our Pinterest board for Celebrations there is a section titled Graduations/Party Ideas. That is where you will find the ideas we are looking at. So we will have a photo area where we can get our hero look on. We will be buying and making decorations for the pool area. We will also have cinema decor as if it is a theatre and hopefully we will be showing a few movies. If you have any suggestions, please share. I have props to make so keep your fingers crossed! As I finish my projects I will pin them to our board.

The wedding is in October. This lovely Vintage 70’s Boho theme is going to be incredible. I have dream catchers and macramé on my list of things to do. A brooch bouquet is being made and jewelry for the bride. Hair pieces for the flower girls, and gifts from the bride are all on my list. And y’all there is more! We have joined up with the maid of honor and are doing the shower at my sister’s house in August. That means food and decorations are on us. And it is Mexican food…ole′!

Amber (my daughters best friend) is also getting married. Her ceremony will be in mid January. She is very special to me and is also know as my other daughter. I have the privilege of working on a little project for her too.

So to recap what is coming up, a graduation, wedding shower and two weddings. That is just for my Texas family right now. I also have projects of my own I will be sharing with you. So sit back, grab some popcorn and let’s get this party started.