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Pantry Full of Chaos

Help I need Somebody…

Well my sister’s first blog just had to be about organization.   My worst enemy….

Misha loves to be organized and I’m just glad if I get somewhere with everything  most things I need.  And lately with all the remodeling going on in my house, organization and I are definitely not on the same page.  

Last night we did the dishes in the bathtub.  The new cast iron, apron style sink was installed but sadly the faucet was not!

Our little remodel turned into a major redo.  All I asked for Christmas last year was for the kitchen cabinets to be painted and new tile floor and a 3X6 foot pantry to be added.   It was time, a much needed facelift.  We needed to take my kitchen out of the 90’s.

So the pantry went from 3X6 to 6 1/2 ft X 15 ft.  We have had an office/guest room (sorry Joshua your bed is gone) adjacent to the kitchen.  Well… is now half pantry and half “small” office.  Thanks hubby for giving up half your office space.

Here is the pantry at the beginning of the construction.  George “my builder” cut a door in the wall to the old guest room and created this…


After tons of dust, and living out boxes, and eating way too much fast food, the pantry is almost done.  Here is the pantry after  we (hubby, daughter, and I) emptied a few boxes of wonderful kitchen gadgets, baking supplies and snacks of course.


I still have 6 or 7 more boxes to unpack. Oh My!!

Now to organize…  I added a few baskets today to pull together snacks, baking supplies, baking sheets and such.


(Did I mention baking supplies?) I can’t wait to bake in my new kitchen.  Oh wait.  I already did that and had to wash the dishes in the bathtub.


Spinach and bacon quiche.  Yum!  Eggs and fresh spinach from my neighbors.

So now I need HELP!

Any ideas on how to organize this mess of a pantry?  By the way the most amazing room in my house now.  I am in love!

My friend Allison Yoder is coming over Friday to help me organize all my kit and kaboodle.  Let me know of any suggestions to get me organized.  I need them.  And I will let you know how Friday goes with Allison.