When My Sister Asks

So once upon a time a girl (my sister) was invited to a Denim and Diamonds party. She was so excited but standing at a height of 6ft 5in, shopping for this event was not going to be easy. Shopping for anything at this height is not an off the rack kind of life. So she took to Pinterest for ideas (you know you go there too). After looking and coming up with what she wanted, she went to her text messaging to texted her go to gal (me).

Ok, let’s get real. When my sister needs help, yes ma’am I am there for her. And the same goes for her too. I had never been to a Denim and Diamonds party but, being a Texan, I knew about it. How exciting! Nothing like getting to dress up in your boots, denim and bling to put a smile on this girl’s face. Any excuse to dress up gets me excited. After I put aside my envy, we went to work narrowing down what she needed to pull off her outfit. We ordered a skirt long enough to be a tea length on her, to show off her boots. She had a shirt and hat so all we needed was the bling factor. Now you might think that would be easy to buy but to get the length it had to be made.

I pulled out all the extra goodies I had and took to creating a few pieces for her. As you can see I had a lot to work with here. I cannibalized old pieces, collect bargains and used a few things I had stashed just in case I ever needed them.


It took me a few days to get it done once I figured out exactly the way I needed to do it. I sewed as many pieces as I could to the backing and a little glue here and there.



Initially she only asked for a necklace, bracelet and something for her hat. But I love her long hair and decided she needed a few hair pics too.


All in all, I think it came out great and she looked MARVELOUS! What do y’all think?

What a collection





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