Momma Tried

There are so many woman who have influenced my life.

My momma, Ann Wilson,  I believe is where Misha and I get our love of Arts and Crafts.  My mom would make Christmas decorations, (because we didn’t have much money) and I loved them.  Maybe that’s why I love homemade ornaments on my tree.  She has made me jewelry and so has my sister.  What I like the most that she does is paint.  I love her drawings and water colors the most.


Thank you Momma for giving me the love of arts and crafts.  Well I just craft, Misha is the Artist.

Then there are my aunts, Aunt Charolette, Aunt Carolyn, Aunt Janie Sue,  Aunt Elise, Aunt Arlise.  Each woman had special gifts of love they shared.  Aunt Arlise and I share the love of teaching.  I had so much fun at Aunt Elise house growing up.  We played and played there growing up.  My love of trampolines and why I always have trampoline for my kids comes from my Aunt Elise house.   I ate my first and only frog leg at her house.  I love and miss you Aunt Elise.  When I stayed stayed with Aunt Janie Sue, we would go to the beach, we camped up the California coas and stayed at the Red Wood Forest. – My favorite vacation of all time – She painted ceramics at one time and I loved to go and paint with her.  And then there is Aunt Carolyn and Aunt Charollete.  The Queens of Florida Strawberries.  A biscuit with Aunt Carolyn’s homemade strawberry jam or a piece of angel food cake with strawberries and cream from Aunt Charlotte.  What I wouldn’t give for that.  I guess that is why I love to make jelly and bake yummy desserts.  And we couldn’t leave out Aunt Betty.  My love for checkers comes from my wonderful Aunt Betty.  Thank you my Aunts for all you showed me growing up.

And then there is Aunt Retta.  She was my husband’s Aunt.  She was the sweetest woman I have ever known.  She kind and loving.  She love to play games like croquet and canasta.  We would go over just to play cards with her and Uncle Wayne, Miss Susie and Frank.  Oh how I miss those days.   She made the best enchiladas and a mean chocolate pie.  Here’s a pic of a pie I made recently using Aunt Retta’s recipe.

Aunt Retta how I miss you and love you so much.  Thank you for all you taught me in my young married life.

One women I could not write this blog about without mentioning is my Grandmother.  She was a woman of God.  We lived with my Grandma when I was little, early grade school.  We always had dessert after dinner and homemade biscuits for most mornings. The  best biscuits you ever put in your mouth.  However, it is my love for gardening that I got from my Grandma.  She had a green thumb and her yard was filled with magnificent plants and flowers.

Thank  you Grandma for teaching me how to be a Godly woman.  I strive for that but fall short so many times.  I am your namesake and I am so proud and glad to be Treva Marie.

And the final woman that has influenced me was my mother-n-law, Odessa Perkins.  I only got to spend 9 years with her but she poured so much love into me in that short bit of time.  She taught me how to sew, cook, and how to be a wife.

Curtains I made from Miss O’s old crochet and handwork. I added a few hankies for finish it off.

She was a business man/ranchers wife.  But that is not what defines her.  She loved and everyone, I mean everyone, loved her.  You could walk into her house and you never knew who would be sitting at her kitchen bar drinking a cup of coffee. It could be Dub Riddle, dropping something off for Bob, but stopped for coffee and chat with Miss O. – what I called her- Or Dr. Shelton,the pastor ,or Wanda Todd, her amazing friend just chatting and drinking coffee.  She was the Jack of all trades.  She fixed everything and anything that broke in her home.  She made most of the clothes she wore and I wore.  Could chicken fry like no other and when it was Jeff’s birthday, you knew a lemon cake would be coming out of that oven.  Thank you Miss O for loving me like a daughter.  I was so blessed to have you for a mother-n-law.

God has bee good to me by giving me all theses Christian women, who have influenced my life.  I hope I have come close to sharing the kindness to others that was given to me by all these wonderful, amazing women.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers reading this blog!