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Chocolate It Is…

I believe chocolate is the answer to just about anything that ails you, except too much chocolate. It is the perfect gift for those who love it. It is great in coffee. It is a nice treat every now and then. I like cooking with it, eating it and drinking it. It comes in so many wonderful ways. So many fillings and it covers tasty things. Chocolate is well…chocolate!

I send chocolates when someone dies. I send chocolate for new moms. I send chocolate for birthdays and anniversaries. I make special chocolate desserts. I love Godiva chocolate coffee. I love sticking it in the freezer and it tastes so good on Blue Bell ice cream.

Am I supposed to eat it? No, sadly no. But I do treat myself every now and then. So, what to my wondering eyes should appear, UPS with Godiva, it’s here! My daughter treated me this Mother’s Day with Godiva. Oh, how exciting! I haven’t had any in so long, I can’t contain myself. The last time she got me Godiva it was the coffees. Oh, I hold on to that like it is gold!


I would send my grandmother Godiva for her birthday. She loved it. She would only share maybe a piece or two with others, hiding it in her room. It was just so personal for her, like it is for me. That special piece of beauty all for you. Yum!

It is the ultimate comfort food for me. It is that one special thing that seems to sooth the soul. Just one piece is all I need to feel that sensation. I guess that is why I send it when someone close to me loses a loved one. Because unlike a plant, it is personal. It is meant to be taken in and shared. You remember it and the person who sent it.

As I sit here staring at these incredible dark chocolate bites of heaven, I smile. Because as always, my daughter knows exactly what to get her mother. Lacey, thank you!