She is Here!!!

My brain is fried and I am so tired but all is good.   Misha is in Texas.   Yesterday was a packed day.  At church they had tables to celebrate the graduates of 2018.

Then dropped off lil’ Biv at a birthday party.  Then it was time for Belvy’s Baccalaureate service, which was beautiful.   Three of Belvy’s classmates sang a couple of songs.  They were amazing.  I love the song, “I am no longer a slave to fear”.

Belvy at Baccalaureate
Belvy with his Sister Ashley and soon to be brother-n-law Joshua.

Then home.  Guess who finally arrived, Misha and Jimmy! Oh the fun we are going to have this week getting ready for Belvy’s graduation.  Last night we made Mexican food.  TexMex that is.  Enchiladas, beef fajitas, guacamole, so so good.  I meant to take pics but with all that was going on, I forgot.  We ate and visited.  I love when we get to visit.

Today Jimmy is off on the ranch and doing ranch hand work, building fence and checking on cattle.  We thought we would be cutting hay this week but Jeff wants to wait one more week before cuttin’.  Misha is going to help me hang back up all my pictures and decorations on the wall.  They are still bare after the remodel.  By the way she loved my kitchen and living room.  And all we did in living room was paint the walls and restain a cabinet.  What a difference a fresh coat of paint will do.

So remember if you are on a tight budget but want  a new look, a nice fresh coat of paint and move the furniture a bit.  It makes a huge difference.

Y’all have a blessed day and I am ready to decorate.