Lil’ Bit of Decorating

It has been so busy the last couple of weeks that I haven’t even had time to sit down and write.  I’m not much of a writer anyway.  I have always wanted to journal.  Every time I start, it just doesn’t last very long.  I don’t know why.  I tried to journal when I went to Haiti a few years back and I only wrote down my thoughts a few times.  So if you read my blog, please excuse the grammar and punctuation mistakes, but I hope you enjoy what you read.

Since my house has just gone through a bit of a remodel in the kitchen and painting in the living room,  Misha and I quickly added some of my paintings and decor back to the walls before the graduation party a couple of weeks ago.  I am still deciding on what to put up in places but so far I like what she and I got done.



In the living room my favorite wall so far is the one by the back door.  Misha suggested we put all the pictures with blue hues in them.  So I have a beautiful canyon painting by Cal Gaspard and also the watercolor of ducks is a Cal Gaspard original.  Little Duck picture was done my mother-n-law.  I love all 3 together.  And I think the cotton in the glass jar adds nice height.


I always decorate my wood burning stove for the holidays.  So out came some of the summer decorations.  I think I need a different plant in the star box.  My ivy just doesn’t do it for me.  Maybe something a little more vertical? What do y’all think?  We hung one of my favorite paintings that my mother-n-law.  I am always drawn into that painting, wondering where the path leads.


We added some color to the couch with some fun holiday pillows we found at Pier One.

There is one of my dogs Bevo. He is our old man … 15 years old


This wall is still in the works.  It is a large wall and I usually group all my paintings together there.  But it was time for a change.  So my paintings have been put to use throughout the room and we hung the shadow box I had done for Jeff as a Christmas gift.  It is his father’s sailor suit from the Korean War.  I love the picture of Bob.  He was such a good-looking man.  And that is the flag from his funeral.  The buckboard bench, I think balances out the wall.  I am going to hang black and white photographs on this wall.  I have a little start with the ones of Jeff’s parents and grandparents.


How should I put up other pictures?  Should I use only black frames or should I do some black and some white frames.  I think I want all the pictures to be black and white though… what do y’all think?  I really could use some help on this one.


I’m sorry I haven’t posted.  I feel bad.  You would think that summer would slow down…but I have a busy little 13-year-old now.  Biv turned 13 on Monday.  My last teenager.  Will I survive?