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It’s Antique Week,

Today we are heading down for Antique week. Follow us on Instagram for our sisterly adventure this week. We will share latest ideas, news and fun over the next four days with you is Instagram. Woot woot…let the adventures begin!

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I swear I really am working. Amber and Chris’s wedding is coming up and I am working my fingers to the bone finishing up their cake stands. I am nervous and excited because this has been one crazy project. I will tell y’all about that later.

My office looks like a hurricane hit it again. I am learning that is just the way I work. But still y’all, it drives me crazy. Nope, not gonna share photos of it with you right now but I am sitting in the middle of this mess trying to write. Disturbing!

It’s the middle of January and this year is already flying by. I am working on my list of trips I will be taking this year. After the wedding my next big thing is going to the spring Antique Week in Texas with Marie and our spouses. It will be the guys first time going. The following weekend we have a baby shower to do so I will be staying another week with Marie. Then in May we have a Mother’s Day luncheon, our son Nick graduates from college and hopefully, we will be back in Tennessee to our friend Mike’s place for a friendly gathering and cattle corralling. That will get me through May for my trips this year. Of course, that is all subject to additions and changes but so far so good.

Today I am adding the finishing touches to my projects. I can’t wait to share the beautiful event with y’all. It’s so exciting!!!!



Let’s talk about one of my favorite road trips with my sister. Have you ever been to Texas Antique Week in the Round Top/Warrenton area? Oh my it is fabulous! This year we went to the Spring week.

I love this trip we make. We have this thing down now with planned stops on the way. This year we packed up the car, grabbed our friend Beth and headed toward Bastrop where we stay. One of our stops on the way is always to the city of West, Texas. Little Czech Bakery has amazing kolaches. After we gas up and get our sweet tooth satisfied we head down to Bastrop.

Did I mention there are drinks and food everywhere?? Nothing like a little wine slushy or margarita to keep you going. I must admit I am fond of the fresh pork rinds and the kettle corn. We haven’t had a chance to go to the Junk Gypsy Junk-o-Rama Prom, but it is on our bucket list. A couple years ago we brought my niece Ashley with us. She had a really good time. We went to the Junk Gypsy Store where she ran into a few of the celebrities. This trip my sister bought Ashley boots for the wedding and the box was signed by Jolie Sikes. She was so excited! I found a few pairs of boots I would love to have. After getting a few more things for the wedding, we headed outside for a Bloody Mary and pie while listening to the live music.

I will be honest, you can go all week and you will still not see everything there is to be seen. After few days of fun, we pack up to head back north. We stop in Waco for lunch at Trujillo’s for margaritas and some Mexican food before hitting the shops on La Salle Street.

Marie loves her Big Red…and in a margarita! Trujillo’s salsa is the best too.


If you have never been to Antique week, check it out. If you have, I would love to hear about it.