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Made With Love


What a beautiful rehearsal! Before I share more on the wedding day, I want to share with you a few of the things that were made for the wedding. I know I had talked about them and didn’t share much about them with you. You already got an update on the dream catchers. But did I tell you about her bouquet?!

When Ashley asked me to make her bouquet, I felt so honored. She had this idea in mind for years and I had been saving brooches for her bouquet. So, it was so exciting when the day came that we were to make her dreams come true. But there was one catch! Yes, it was no longer a colorful brooch bouquet. She wanted white, off-white, silver and gold. So back to the drawing board and we collect more in the colors she wanted, and I made her bouquet. I hated it! I tore it apart and started over!! It just didn’t say ‘Ashley’ to me. I felt that it would just wash out and she trusted me to do it the way I thought represented her best. Here it is y’all!

They had planned a sand ceremony for the wedding, so Ashley asked me to etch her a container with an ‘S’ and the year for them.

Her bouquet was also going to need a good strong holder for the reception to display it. This is what I came up with for them.

S 2

Ashley decided that she was going to wear turquoise for her jewelry and Marie had found some great antique pieces. We just weren’t sure how they would look with the dress, so Marie had to pass on them. I had picked up a Victorian turquoise brooch when we were in Salem and I gave Ashley the option of borrowing for the wedding. In the end I had made her earrings, two turquoise necklaces and a turquoise hairpiece to wear.

The flower girls head pieces were another creation for the wedding.

I can tell you that each piece was made with love.


Marie and I had an amazing and exhausting time working on the wedding for Ashley and Joshua. And in the end, it was worth every moment to see the love and happiness on their faces.



And we’re off…

Ok, it is really not that bad, but we are getting busy. As my sister explained on Friday, there is a lot going on at the ranch. My lovely niece Ashley is getting married and my nephew Belvy graduates from high school. Could not be a prouder Mimi (name Ashley gave me as a toddler). I can’t wait to see all the changes at the ranch!

I have a few projects I am currently working on for both the graduation and the wedding. As you can see, a corner of my office is starting to pile up. What you can’t see everything buried underneath those feathers and doilies are brooches, turquoise, beads, and all kinds of other goodies. So let me break down for you what you will be seeing in the near future as I tackle these projects.

Feathers, Doilies and more…oh my!

First the graduation, we went with a super hero theme. It is going to be a pool party ‘after party’ on the ranch. If you check our Pinterest board for Celebrations there is a section titled Graduations/Party Ideas. That is where you will find the ideas we are looking at. So we will have a photo area where we can get our hero look on. We will be buying and making decorations for the pool area. We will also have cinema decor as if it is a theatre and hopefully we will be showing a few movies. If you have any suggestions, please share. I have props to make so keep your fingers crossed! As I finish my projects I will pin them to our board.

The wedding is in October. This lovely Vintage 70’s Boho theme is going to be incredible. I have dream catchers and macramé on my list of things to do. A brooch bouquet is being made and jewelry for the bride. Hair pieces for the flower girls, and gifts from the bride are all on my list. And y’all there is more! We have joined up with the maid of honor and are doing the shower at my sister’s house in August. That means food and decorations are on us. And it is Mexican food…ole′!

Amber (my daughters best friend) is also getting married. Her ceremony will be in mid January. She is very special to me and is also know as my other daughter. I have the privilege of working on a little project for her too.

So to recap what is coming up, a graduation, wedding shower and two weddings. That is just for my Texas family right now. I also have projects of my own I will be sharing with you. So sit back, grab some popcorn and let’s get this party started.