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Spring Cleaning

Mancave Closet

I have the spring-cleaning bug. Yep, I got hit hard this year with it. I have already tackled my office and our guest room. I am talking including rearranging the furniture. Luckily my husband loves when I get like this. What was a little bit of a surprise is that I was ready to tackle our big storage closet in the mancave.

Closet Before

Ever since we had it built, we have talked about really getting it organized. We had put up a couple shelving units in it, but it wasn’t working. We had way too much stuff and no organization. It was hard when holidays came around to get to the decorations. We had bins on shelves, bins against the walls and stuff just stacked on top of more stuff. We are the curators of his family history so one shelving unit was just for that.

We finally decided it was time for us tackle the closet. After my husband took some measurements, I made an appt at the Container Store. If we were going to do this, we were going to do it right. I used the Container Store to the closet in my office. So, I met with the designer and we worked up a plan. After a little tweaking with my husband we had them order everything. My husband was out of town when everything arrived, so I was going to have to wait until he was home to get started.

Elfa Shelving from Container Store

After removing the contents of the closet, I cleaned up the floor and walls before we got started with the installation. This where I love having an engineer for a husband. He laid out the plan and got to work measuring where the supports were to go. With this system, I decided on mesh bins to put things in. A total of 32 bins that slide in and out like drawers. These bins can be taken out of the system so that you can take the contents where ever you need it. I was so excited! These bins hold as much as those big bins we were storing our decorations and stuff in.

What a mess
Closet Installation

I was able to get everything except his family history organized and put up. I am planning on making labels to attach to the bins. I still need to go pick up a few bins to store soft goods on the shelves. The family history is going to take a little time to go through. His family has kept their history well documented.

For now, I am in a holding pattern with my closet. I have done all I can do. It is so nice to walk in there and be able to find what I want without having to dig or move bins to get it. When we finally get through the family history and I get my labels attached I will show you the final project.

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Y’all, I’ve had the blahs since we got back from Texas. It was an amazing wedding and we had a great time in Texas. But my heart just hasn’t been into it lately. ‘It’ means anything. We had such a busy year last year as you well know. And I was excited to share about the wedding when we got back in January. I sat down at the keyboard and nothing. I struggled for the words and images to share with you. Exhausted both mentally and physically, I sat day after day at my keyboard and wrote, deleted it, wrote again, deleted it and on and on. I haven’t even been to Disney in months!!! For those of you that know we well, I love going and getting my exercise walking around the different parks. And nope, haven’t been. Don’t even know the when was the last time I went!

I sat in my office and was overwhelmed with the chaos. Uninspired to do anything. Slowly I started rearranging it. Little by little cleaning and reorganizing it until finally I felt that I could stand to be in it. I took a long look at my house and felt the same thing. The blahs were overwhelming me. So, I started to make a list of what I wanted to change around me. I decided to start in the man cave. When we added on to it a few years ago we had a huge closet built for storage. It has been driving me crazy (and my husband) that we had just threw up some shelves to hold bins and not really organized it. I took a trip over to the Container Store and had them work me up a design for it. With a couple tweaks from my husband, I placed the order and patiently waited for it to arrive. When my wonderful husband is going to have time to install it, I don’t know.

You see, there is this snowball/domino effect happening now. While I was working on my glass projects last year, I was frustrated that I didn’t have the room or organization that I needed. Those shelves that are in the closet now, I need in the garage to organize my stuff out there. I can’t start working in the garage until we do that closet. And I can’t do the closet until my busy husband can put up the new shelving system picked up yesterday. Oh, and did I mention how busy my husband is right now?!


I haven’t even finished my guest room yet. At least that is painted but I need to rearrange it so that it is easier for guests to sleep in there. You would think with all of this I would be excited and posting the progress. What progress? Blahs remember? I am hoping that if I just keep moving forward, I will get through this. I wish I could blame it on the winter blues but this Florida folks. Blue skies and high 80s is all I see here. Oh, and my sister, she has the winter blues there is Texas. Marie is cold, tired and already has that little ranch house torn up and being remodeled by George. David has been working in her backyard with the hundreds of bulbs that were planted and the irrigation system going in. Her orchard is planted. Winter blahs have us both in it’s grasp. Not fun, not fun at all.

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Pantry Full of Chaos

Help I need Somebody…

Well my sister’s first blog just had to be about organization.   My worst enemy….

Misha loves to be organized and I’m just glad if I get somewhere with everything  most things I need.  And lately with all the remodeling going on in my house, organization and I are definitely not on the same page.  

Last night we did the dishes in the bathtub.  The new cast iron, apron style sink was installed but sadly the faucet was not!

Our little remodel turned into a major redo.  All I asked for Christmas last year was for the kitchen cabinets to be painted and new tile floor and a 3X6 foot pantry to be added.   It was time, a much needed facelift.  We needed to take my kitchen out of the 90’s.

So the pantry went from 3X6 to 6 1/2 ft X 15 ft.  We have had an office/guest room (sorry Joshua your bed is gone) adjacent to the kitchen.  Well… is now half pantry and half “small” office.  Thanks hubby for giving up half your office space.

Here is the pantry at the beginning of the construction.  George “my builder” cut a door in the wall to the old guest room and created this…


After tons of dust, and living out boxes, and eating way too much fast food, the pantry is almost done.  Here is the pantry after  we (hubby, daughter, and I) emptied a few boxes of wonderful kitchen gadgets, baking supplies and snacks of course.


I still have 6 or 7 more boxes to unpack. Oh My!!

Now to organize…  I added a few baskets today to pull together snacks, baking supplies, baking sheets and such.


(Did I mention baking supplies?) I can’t wait to bake in my new kitchen.  Oh wait.  I already did that and had to wash the dishes in the bathtub.


Spinach and bacon quiche.  Yum!  Eggs and fresh spinach from my neighbors.

So now I need HELP!

Any ideas on how to organize this mess of a pantry?  By the way the most amazing room in my house now.  I am in love!

My friend Allison Yoder is coming over Friday to help me organize all my kit and kaboodle.  Let me know of any suggestions to get me organized.  I need them.  And I will let you know how Friday goes with Allison.



To Inventory or Not To Inventory

To me, there is nothing more satisfying than a well-organized crafting space or home. I can be a little bit of a fanatic about it. I can’t function unless everything is in it’s place. And I am probably the messiest crafter or cook that I know. I know crazy! But lately I have found where I was lacking in keeping my craft supplies organized, I had no idea what I own let alone where it was stored. I mean, I really didn’t know everything that I have. You know what I mean?

We hit Pinterest and pin great ideas. We either make them, or not. We buy supplies with the intent of making them and never do. We hit garage sales and junk stores and buy goodies with great intentions to just get side tracked. So, then you organize and redecorate your craft room. We buy bins and make labels. We go to the Container Store and organize our closets and rooms. (I love the Container Store!) We hide our stash because we are afraid of what our friends or families will think. But when we do make things, oh we rock it! Friends and family want you to make things for them. We buy more inventory and we make and sell, and the cycle continues. Sound familiar? I mean, I am even a member of a few crafter hoarding groups on Facebook.

So here I am a great organizer (just ask my sister) but am I good at inventory? No, no I was not. As someone who did purchasing and had to keep inventory this is sad. I have known professional organizers that can make any room great. But they will even tell you that they don’t inventory everything, they just organizer and purge. So, you may not know what you have but whatever and where ever it is, it is put away nicely.


Terrifying! I finally sat down and decided I needed to inventory what I owned. I started to write out a list of what was in my craft closet. Then I started to list what was on the shelves, cabinets, bins and garage. Page after page filled my legal pad. My sewing supplies, glass, wood, tools, vinyl and the list just kept going. I knew that this was not going to work on paper. So, I pulled up my trusty Excel and started an inventory there. Assigning locations and notifications for what needed to be reordered and when. Oh, I went all out on this inventory. Then I put it in the cloud. What a great idea! I can pull it up when I shop to check my supply levels. I regret that I did not do this sooner.


I have scheduled myself a weekly task to add new items and update my inventory. And I find that when special projects come up or I have big jobs to do like my nieces wedding, I am able to keep my costs and my sanity in check because I now know not only know what I have but where it is and how much of it I have. Would you keep an inventory?