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So What’s New?

There is a great deal going on right now. We are down to the wire on the wedding shower for Ashley. That means I have a lot to get done before I head back to Texas. I had her brooch bouquet just about finished and torn the whole thing apart yesterday! It just wasn’t what I thought it should be. I scrapped the whole thing, ordered what I wanted for it and now I am waiting for my deliveries. Crazy I know, but it just didn’t speak ‘Ashley’ to me like it needed to do. I think my sister and niece were a little surprised at the news, but they know if I don’t like, ain’t nobody gonna see it.
I will be finishing up the rest of my to do list for the wedding next week. Bouquet, hair pieces, corsages, jars, flags, dream catchers…the list goes on and on. But I will be done and everything ready to head to Texas with me in a few weeks. I will be taking a few days after the shower to visit my daughter Lacey in Houston. She just returned from vacation with Abby and Maya, so I can’t wait to catch up on what is going on with her. I am hoping to see Amber and Chris while I am there. It will be great to see them. Their wedding is just after the new year! You will see what I am doing for Amber later this year.
We now have our official Facebook Page up and running as of yesterday. Look and ‘like’ our page so that you can see the latest of our adventures in your newsfeed. We are also on Instagram and will be posting little pictures and videos of our adventures between our blog posts. Our Pinterest boards are growing, and we are sharing the great people we have been following with you. We are also on Twitter.
It is all so exciting for us. Marie introduced me recently to an app called Marco Polo. On this app you send little videos for free back and forth instead of having to type out a text message. You can find it in the app store so check it out. We have had so much fun with it and when we shop it is easier to communicate when you need someone’s opinion. No longer must we take pictures and try to get them to send. We just make a little video and share.
In September we will be adding a series of blogs/posts called ‘Tips, Hacks and Cowboy Hats’. It will be where we share helpful hints and open it up for you to share your helpful ideas with us or questions. I always find it interesting when Marie and I cook or work together at the different ways we do things. And I am always learning about new tools, programs or apps from Ashley and Marie. They seem to know what is the latest and greatest that will make my life easier.
So, have a great weekend, check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I can’t wait to hear from y’all and please share with us your ideas or questions. What are you working on? Is there something fabulous you would like to share? Hope to hear from you soon!


To Inventory or Not To Inventory

To me, there is nothing more satisfying than a well-organized crafting space or home. I can be a little bit of a fanatic about it. I can’t function unless everything is in it’s place. And I am probably the messiest crafter or cook that I know. I know crazy! But lately I have found where I was lacking in keeping my craft supplies organized, I had no idea what I own let alone where it was stored. I mean, I really didn’t know everything that I have. You know what I mean?

We hit Pinterest and pin great ideas. We either make them, or not. We buy supplies with the intent of making them and never do. We hit garage sales and junk stores and buy goodies with great intentions to just get side tracked. So, then you organize and redecorate your craft room. We buy bins and make labels. We go to the Container Store and organize our closets and rooms. (I love the Container Store!) We hide our stash because we are afraid of what our friends or families will think. But when we do make things, oh we rock it! Friends and family want you to make things for them. We buy more inventory and we make and sell, and the cycle continues. Sound familiar? I mean, I am even a member of a few crafter hoarding groups on Facebook.

So here I am a great organizer (just ask my sister) but am I good at inventory? No, no I was not. As someone who did purchasing and had to keep inventory this is sad. I have known professional organizers that can make any room great. But they will even tell you that they don’t inventory everything, they just organizer and purge. So, you may not know what you have but whatever and where ever it is, it is put away nicely.


Terrifying! I finally sat down and decided I needed to inventory what I owned. I started to write out a list of what was in my craft closet. Then I started to list what was on the shelves, cabinets, bins and garage. Page after page filled my legal pad. My sewing supplies, glass, wood, tools, vinyl and the list just kept going. I knew that this was not going to work on paper. So, I pulled up my trusty Excel and started an inventory there. Assigning locations and notifications for what needed to be reordered and when. Oh, I went all out on this inventory. Then I put it in the cloud. What a great idea! I can pull it up when I shop to check my supply levels. I regret that I did not do this sooner.


I have scheduled myself a weekly task to add new items and update my inventory. And I find that when special projects come up or I have big jobs to do like my nieces wedding, I am able to keep my costs and my sanity in check because I now know not only know what I have but where it is and how much of it I have. Would you keep an inventory?