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Our Future Superheroes

Saturday was graduation day for my son Belvy.  We had a  party for Belvy and a few of his friends that were graduating, to celebrate the big day.  We adopted Belvy, who is from Haiti, when he was 13 years old but he wasn’t able to come to the U.S. until he was 16 1/2. …lots of bureaucracy…  But we were so excited when he finally was able to come home to us.

Belvy and his dad on graduation day.

Belvy didn’t speak much English when he first got here.  I homeschooled him for a couple of years working on his English and filling in gaps in his education.  He then enrolled in Peaster High School where my older 2 children graduated.  Four years later, he is a high school graduate.  We are so proud of Belvy!  All the hard  work he has put in to his education.  He is our super hero.

Belvy’s favorite bible verse

The  party was so much fun.  We went with a Super Hero theme.  I think Belvy loved it.  He is so into action movies… Marvel and DC…


Kids swam for hours, ate hamburgers, hot dogs and nachos, and  played video games in the Game Truck.

Then as the sun went down, we watched a movie outdoors on a giant screen.  …The Adventures of course! My favorite part.  Sitting and relaxing with popcorn and a good movie.





And we’re off…

Ok, it is really not that bad, but we are getting busy. As my sister explained on Friday, there is a lot going on at the ranch. My lovely niece Ashley is getting married and my nephew Belvy graduates from high school. Could not be a prouder Mimi (name Ashley gave me as a toddler). I can’t wait to see all the changes at the ranch!

I have a few projects I am currently working on for both the graduation and the wedding. As you can see, a corner of my office is starting to pile up. What you can’t see everything buried underneath those feathers and doilies are brooches, turquoise, beads, and all kinds of other goodies. So let me break down for you what you will be seeing in the near future as I tackle these projects.

Feathers, Doilies and more…oh my!

First the graduation, we went with a super hero theme. It is going to be a pool party ‘after party’ on the ranch. If you check our Pinterest board for Celebrations there is a section titled Graduations/Party Ideas. That is where you will find the ideas we are looking at. So we will have a photo area where we can get our hero look on. We will be buying and making decorations for the pool area. We will also have cinema decor as if it is a theatre and hopefully we will be showing a few movies. If you have any suggestions, please share. I have props to make so keep your fingers crossed! As I finish my projects I will pin them to our board.

The wedding is in October. This lovely Vintage 70’s Boho theme is going to be incredible. I have dream catchers and macramé on my list of things to do. A brooch bouquet is being made and jewelry for the bride. Hair pieces for the flower girls, and gifts from the bride are all on my list. And y’all there is more! We have joined up with the maid of honor and are doing the shower at my sister’s house in August. That means food and decorations are on us. And it is Mexican food…ole′!

Amber (my daughters best friend) is also getting married. Her ceremony will be in mid January. She is very special to me and is also know as my other daughter. I have the privilege of working on a little project for her too.

So to recap what is coming up, a graduation, wedding shower and two weddings. That is just for my Texas family right now. I also have projects of my own I will be sharing with you. So sit back, grab some popcorn and let’s get this party started.





Graduation, Wedding , and Remodel, OH MY!

I wasn’t sure what to write about for my second post. Misha went straight for crafting. She is the Queen of crafts. If I need something, I can always count on her. (In fact, she will be here at the end of May to help me with a graduation party.

I think I will just give you a little of what’s gong on here at the Perkins’ Ranch.




In the midst of getting ready for hay season and watching calves being born, we are doing a major renovation on our kitchen and living room. I will share more about the remodel when it is done. 😉

During the remodeling process, I have had 2 birthday parties, Easter, and a couple of dinners I hosted. Each time I prayed for good weather, so we could eat out by the pool.

And now I’m planning a graduation party for our middle child Belvy. Misha and I went to Pinterest for ideas. We decided on a movie theme with an emphasis on super heroes. Belvy is a super hero to me. We adopted him from Haiti when he was 13 but he didn’t get to come to America until he was 16 1/2. He worked so hard to learn the English language. He has worked hard in school. Even though he is an older graduate (21), he is so proud of graduating high school and going on to college. I want this party to be special. I can’t wait to share this party with y’all. Until then check out the graduation ideas we posted on pinterest.

Oh and Big News! My oldest is getting married. Misha and I have been shopping and pinning for this wedding. Ashley will be getting married in October on the Ranch. If any of y’all have done a wedding at your home, backyard, or tent wedding, I would love to see pics and get ideas. I have a few things I’m worried about. Restrooms, parking and the amount of people. We hired a wedding planner, KC with Cloud creative events. So that has helped with some of my concerns. So far the guest list has stopped at 216. I was thinking small and intimate but I forgot how many people Ashley knows! 🤦‍♀️

The theme of the wedding is BoHo. The ceremony will be outside using hay bales and blankets. (Misha and I picked up a good dozen or so blankets at Antique week in Roundtop. If you have never been, you should go. It is so much fun and lots of junkin’!) The reception is in a clear roof tent, so we can see the stars. Again, I’m praying for good weather.

I’ll keep ya’ll updated as we plan for this big event. Until then check out our pins. We have a few boards done on wedding planning.

Joshua & Ashley

The Big Day

Planner Board

We are always on the go here on the Ranch. You never know what we will be doing; working cattle, parties, remodels. I could always use help with ideas for parties. So please share any you have for the graduation party coming up, or for the wedding. I would love to hear from y’all.